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Greenville, Texas Police K9 unit Officer Tim Frazier and partner Bo, a Belgian Malinois imported from Holland by Adlerhorst International, Inc off duty circa 1987. Bo and Tim were one of the first Belgian Malinois Police K9 teams in the State of Texas.
Officer Tim Frazier, City of Greenville, Texas Police Department photo – 1987

With more than 30 years experience in canine training, including being a top of class graduate with his Belgian Malinois partner from the leading Police K9 Academy, Adlerhorst International, Inc in Riverside California, former police K9 officer Tim Frazier will develop a custom tailored training program for your family members, both human and canine, based on an initial free evaluation.

Before you ever spend a penny with us for dog training, you’ll get a documented plan based on the initial free evaluation.  The plan will outline the issues you need addressed with your dog, the goals of the training, success criteria, the estimated number of sessions required, details of the exercises and instruction topics in each session, and the price per session.

For those who have more than one dog in the family, we are offering a 50% discount on pricing for a second dog trained in consecutive same visit sessions.

Tim’s clients gain the skills and knowledge to do basic obedience training and correct common behavioral problems.  They then have the confidence and capability to train any new dogs joining their family on their own.

Tim Frazier – February 2016

Our beloved dogs have lifespans roughly one-seventh as long as we have.  The typical dog owner owns an average of seven dogs between his or her 18th and 80th birthday.  And that’s if the person only owns one dog at a time.  For those of us who consistently have a pack of two, three, or more in our families the number rises to somewhere between 14 and 28+ dogs over the years.

You could send your dog to that chain that is always advertising in the Dallas and Houston area where you drop your beloved family member off for a couple of weeks at a price over $2,500.  Many folks retrieve their pet after the “training” is completed and quickly discover their dog is perfectly trained as long as the trainer has the leash or is present, but regresses quickly over the next several days.

Instead of getting a well-behaved, obedient companion back you get a returning furry family member which isn’t sure why some stranger yanked his leash with a non-fur-saver choke chain for two weeks while mumbling inconsistent commands accompanied by virtually zero positive reinforcement.

For that exorbitant fee of $2,500 or more, you still have to spend the same money all over again on the next dog you get.  When you get another dog you have to repeat that investment because their service did not equip you to train dogs yourself.

So, if you use that $2,500 cookie-cutter training service for each dog you own during your adult lifetime, you will spend more than $17,500.00 in training fees – and imagine how that amount could double or triple if you typically own more than one dog concurrently.

Tim Frazier letting his partner “Bo” do his second favorite thing while off duty circa 1988…jumping over stuff. What was Bo’s first favorite thing to do? Let’s just say burglars are the breakfast of champions. 😉

Why is it a bad idea to send your dog away for training?  Here are just a few of the reasons:

  • The dog is trained in a completely different environment, away from his/her domain
  • The dog is trained solely by one or two trainers who have different personalities, voice types, and mannerisms than you and your family members
  • The dog is likely to be trained by kennel workers or even people with no previous experience in dog training beyond a few hours accompanying another one of the firm’s “trainers” who was in the same boat less than a year before.  We’re not making this up…search dog trainer jobs on or’s job search and you’ll see what these “training mill” companies offer  in pay – $8.00 per hour is what three of their job board postings show at the time of this writing.
    • Do you really want a person who doesn’t have the skill or experience to command more than an $8.00 an hour job in the canine training field to train your dog(s)?

Call 318.734.9273 or email to schedule a FREE initial evaluation and documented custom training program estimate

Our training programs beat those guy’s systems nine ways to Sunday, because:

  • Our programs are typically less than half what those guys charge.  We believe we are currently offering the most affordable PROFESSIONAL service of this type available in Dallas / Fort Worth, and their surrounding cities.
  • You become a trainer yourself because our programs are about giving you the skills to do the same training we do with your dog.  You can apply those skills to any dog you own in the future, and with a little extra experience under your belt from helping friends and family with their dogs, you could even start your own dog training business.
  • You and your dog get our instructor’s full attention for every session.  You’re not in some class in a pet store walking your dog in circles with ten other people while the pet supply shoppers walk by and gawk at you like a fish in a bowl.
  • Our training occurs in your home, your yard, your street, and your dog park, wherever locally that you and your dog frequently go together.  You and your dog learn the subtle differences in behavior and control that are need based on whether you’re walking down the street, inside your own fenced in yard, or answering the front door when the UPS guy brings a package to you.

Call 318.734.9273 or email to schedule a FREE initial evaluation and documented custom training program estimate

Robin Frazier posing with “Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan during a meet-and-greet with Tim Frazier just a few years ago.

Call 318.734.9273 or email to schedule a FREE initial evaluation and documented custom training program estimate

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