Hidden in Plain Sight

Welcome to Plain Sight Containers, where we specialize in making custom presentation boxes and diversion containers for your handguns, heirlooms, or oIMG_20151029_152739-1ther treasures.  Using our unique blend of processes we form-fit recesses in luxurious microfiber flocking that are tailored precisely to the contour of your handgun, whether it’s a modern top selling Glock or a handbuilt one of a kind Kentucky longrifle.IMG_20151029_152719-1

If you want to show it off in style and give it the respect it deserves we can build a spectacular presentation case out of exotic hardwood with a museum glass viewing window and richly colored interior.glockrealbook

Or if it’s a trusty no frills home defense Colt 1911 that you just want out of the limelight but close at hand we’ll make you a diversion box out of a real hardcover book with a contoured recess you can have sitting unnoticed on the shelf among your 
favorite tomes.

We source real hardcover and hollow faux designer books depending on your preference, then we use sophisticated software and our computer controlled milling machine to carve out a recess for your item in closed cell foam.  Once we have the blank carved out and verify your object nests perfectly within, we laminate a layer of marine epoxy onto the surface and cover it with vibrant microfiber flocking in a color of your choice.IMG_20151029_152627-1

The resulting durable, richly colored nest then gets permanently bonded into the hollowed out interior of a hardcover book, faux decorator book, or beautiful hardwood case depending on your tastes and needs.201510250232SigSaurP228