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One person – Two night group rental of the City Slickers guest house.

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Limited to ten people, first come, first served.  Participation is by invitation only.  Anyone purchasing this package who is not affiliated with Texas Libertarian Party or is not in the private invitation group may be refused with a refund of their purchase price at the discretion of Tim Frazier, President, Plain Sight Containers Inc. or Liz Scripter, Tarrant County Libertarian Party Chair.

This item is for one person to stay in the City Slickers guest house for two nights during the 09/17/2016 SLEC meeting in Abilene, Texas.  Booking is not guaranteed until enough participants have committed and the actual reservation confirmed.  Should the venue reservation not be confirmed, your purchase at this site will be refunded within one business day of our determination that the group rental will be cancelled.

You must purchase a separate package for each person you are bringing.  $160.00 per person.

This is the accommodations package for a two night group rental of the City Slickers guest house.  Sleeping accommodations (since they consist of multiple queen and double beds instead of single beds) will be worked out within the participating group and purchase of this package entitles you to stay in the guest house for the two nights of the group rental, but does not guarantee a specific bed. It is highly recommended you consider bringing a cot or air mattress if you are going to be staying as an individual without a significant other at the guest house.



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